24 Oct 2014

L'Art de la Guerre - new Ancients rules, reviewed...

A short battle report and review of the "new" (well, new to English translation, but actually the third edition) of L'Art de la Guerre Ancients rules is now on this site.

Hopefully it will give you a bit of a flavour of what seems a very enjoyable, familiar-yet-different set of rules.


Shaun Travers said...

thanks for a the review combined with the battle report (good as always). As I have mentioned everywhere else, I am keen to give these rules a go. You make them sound even better than I thought. My expectations are getting higher every week! While I know you reviewed them from a DBM(M) point of view, my reading is that the combat seems to have its roots in Armati rather than DBM.

sebastosfig said...

Thanks for the review Tim.
@Shaun, it seems to me Art de la guerre is a mix between DBM, Armati, and a bit of FOG ( a bit)

And Tim, did you group nellies with your heavy infantry? If so, not the most practical ;)

Madaxeman said...

Mediocre elephants didn't strike me as being practical anyway in retrospect!

sebastosfig said...

aaaaahhhh. But you need to use them well ;)

Matthew Bailey said...

So... The French discovered Hoplon and re-wrote it?

Madaxeman said...

That's three different sets of rules they seem to based on then!

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