23 Apr 2017

L'Art de la Guerre Renaissance...

ADLG Renaissance is in development... and even with having not actually played it or laid eyes on a copy, I do know that it will probably involve "double units" for Pike & Shot.

The idea of rebasing is a frightening one, but amazingly, on examination of my Renaissance collection, I have spotted that I have at least a couple more bases of ECW/TYW Pike & Shotte than I actually need for any conceivable FoGR army I might wish to use in future... who'd a thunk it?!

So, knowing I have plenty of spares, I decided to test-base some Pike & Shot, using "second line" figures who won't honestly get an outing anyway just to see what they might look like.

It's an "Impetus-style" basing methodology !

Not sure that having 3 ranks of each is entirely right, but as a first experiment its a pretty decent look I think.


Joe Blacker said...

Just getting into LADLG Ancients. Not really having to rebase was great. However, hoping Renaissance won't need re basing, it would put me back years!!!!

Phil said...

A nice looking unit for a nice period to play!

the.urban.bunny said...


My powers of suggestion worked!

Now to get a game in.

Madaxeman said...

Joe - glad you've joined the SELWG AD:LG mob!

ADLG R is quite some way of being finalised just yet, so no need to panic! This might not even be the final basing scheme, but as I had some spare figures ...

Nik Gaukroger said...

Probably look better just using 2 ranks for the mid-TYW onwards IMO.

Bit surprised the rules aren't done yet though as I saw a version 2 or 3 years ago that looked playable.

Madaxeman said...

Looking at these I was also thinking that 2 ranks and a bit more space may be good. These are tiny figures though hence trying to squeeze more on for this first pass.

I'll try that next

mellis1644 said...

I am not rebasing all my collection. That's just too painful. Hopefully some compromise for us long time players will be allowed. But I guess it would be an excuse to buy and paint more figs...

Madaxeman said...

There would certainly be a work-around - 2 shot and 2 pike bases next to each other would also count as a DBE (4BE in old money?)Pike & Shot from what I understand

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