13 Nov 2020

Episode 50 - the One for Clive

The 50th Madaxeman.com Podcast is now out in the wild, and with the half-century now achieved the regular team opt to celebrate this milestone by completely forgetting to plan anything different at all to the usual chat about what they have painted, what they might be thinking of painting, and dads-dancing along on Zoom to Andy's quiz music.

This week the topics covered include Wurttemburger fashions in collars and cuffs, the use of biological agents as strippers, how discounts at Victrix can cost more than they save, whether 8 units of legionaries are too many, what might happen if the Franks are ever finished and if the world is truly ready for painted badger shields in 15mm.

In addition, this week's episode includes an "in memoriam" section in which we share stories of our CLWC clubmate and long-time wargamer Clive McLeod, who sadly passed away last week at the too-early age of 64. 

Clive's family have suggested the British Heart Foundation as a suitable charity for those of you who knew Clive and may wish to make a charitable donation in his memory. 

This weeks Podcast is available on Podbean, and through all of your usual Podcast platforms 


ian drury said...

Thanks for another podcast, that kept me entertained while assembling Old Glory 15mm light bolt throwers without glueing my fingers together again.
Is the link to the battle reports broken? That part of the site doesn't seem to load at the moment.

Madaxeman said...

Glad it kept you distracted!

The reports page link (in the main menu) works for me, but there are some interm intermittent issues across the site I'm working to resolve, as an upgrade to the version of php the site runs on has left some of the very old bits of 3rd party code too outdated to work - and I'm not smart enough to fix them, so I'm having to work through it all slowly and replace it!

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