11 Jul 2007

Warhamster Battle Report

My Devizes battle report has generated a fair bit of interest on the TMP
site - but mostly between myself and one other bloke talking about the
shooting rules.

No reaction from the Yahoo WMA group, nothing on BHGS Yahoo, and one comment
on the Yahoo DBMlist. I'm surprised there is nothing on Yahoo, as I havent
seen any groovy battle reports posted there before.

I should really have set up traffic monitoring so I knew how many visits
there were, but its a bit late now.

1 Jul 2007

Devizes warhamster Results

The result is... that I won!!

Nicked it from the far more experienced Clice with a massive 960 point
victory in my last game (he scored about 600 in winning his last game) - so
I won 3 games and lost one.

Even so, I still remain to be convinced about the rules !

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