19 Feb 2021

10mm Paras - US Rebased & British 17pdrs

 Entering the home stretch of the rebasing and replacing of my 10mm WW2 forces now, and leaving me with "only" (laughs maniacally...) a load of German late war 3-tone cammo tanks to do it's the turn of the US paras to be rebased, and also for three Pendraken 17pdr guns to come to the aid of my British Paras and British Army troops. 

I now have two Para-crewed 17pdrs and one "British Khaki dudes" one 

I'm not sure why I didn't have any of these before to be honest - I seem to have loads of 6pdrs though

The sloped front plate is really distinctive. 
I also managed to get plenty of the para crew in red berets, which Podcast listeners will be pleased to hear no doubt. 

These are mostly Arrowhead Paras, although the guys with mohicans are Pendraken "pathfinder" figures.
 As with my rant about berets, I am still puzzled as to why there aren't more mohican-sporting figures in the Pendraken range ! ! 
These are now quite old - I have pictures of them on their previous basing dating back to at least 2009

These are on 40x30 bases, so sort of mini-FOW sized really 
I also based some figures up as spotters and a recce platoon  - and there are some prome HMG teams too to round out the force. 

13 Feb 2021

Rebooted Vikings & Rus

With plenty of time on my hands I've been systematically rebasing some of my older armies, shifting them from DBM-era basing to ADLG double-basing, and in the process reorganising the figures as well to make more coherent ADLG armies and troop types. 

One of my largest DBM armies was a huge almost-all Two Dragons Viking/Rus force, with 80+ DBx HI bases, loads of medium foot and a ridiculous 44 LI with bow, allowing me to field full rear support for all 80-odd double ranked infantry when the army took to the field as Rus.

ADLG armies being considerably smaller than this has allowed me to not only update the basing, but to reshuffle the figures so I now have separate Rus and Viking warriors, and also separate bases of Vikings to appear as Spearmen, Swordsmen and axe-wielding Huscarls instead of the previous "Tonight Matthew, these figures will be appearing as..." hodge-podge of mixed bases I had before. 

I have also tarted up all of the spears - repainting them all in a lighter colour in line with my latest style, and added some basic blacklining on the spear tips and hands to give them a bit more "ping", and added some new banners using glued-together brush bristles to create "crosses", and then hanging (aka gluing) small vertical banners to the crossbars using graphics from a computer game which I found on Pinterest.

Now this project is complete I've taken a load of photos of the refurbished collection using my cheapo China-bought lightbox and my cheapo camera with a 400 ISO setting, and uploaded the full set of photos into the 15mm Gallery on Madaxeman.com where you can find them all in the Viking and Rus galleries

I've also posted some here too;

Generals & Valkyrie

Medium Axemen

Medium Warriors




Huscarls again

And again...



Rus, featuring The (legendary) Rus Abbot in the centre of the line

7 Feb 2021

10mm WW2 - The Allies

The "refurbish and replace" campaign for my WW2 Blitzkrieg Commander collection is now gathering pace. 

Or, put another way, painting stripes on German tanks is a right PITA so I have given myself a break and instead managed to bash out the entire allied contingent in a week or so as they have no cammo at all!

The end result is a force containing models and figures from Pithead, Pendraken, Victrix, Butlers Printed Models, Minifigs and Arrowhead, all of which have been painted in a fetching and thankfully simple Bronze Green + drybrush scheme and based using my new basing system of stained sand on mdf bases. 

There are loads more photos of these models on the Madaxeman website as well as a whole page of the Germans too

(I did cheat a little by using the Vallejo German Track colour, but hopefully no-one will notice....)

Victrix Shermans

Victrix, Pithead and then Pendraken Shermans

Arrowhead Cromwell

British Para support units 

Arrowhead infantry with Pithead motorcyclists added in

Pendraken Priest and Sherman Flail

Minifigs Bren Carriers

Recce units from a variety of sources

Pithead British Para Jeep

Butlers Printed Models British trucks and Quad tractor
Staghound from Pithead

Churchill Crocodile from Arrowhead
Pithead Artillery Observer up a ladder strapped to a truck (!)

There are loads more photos of these models on the Madaxeman website as well as a whole page of the Germans too

2 Feb 2021

It's A Battle Report !

OK, it's a video of a battle played online on Tabletop Simulator... but in this world of global gaming Lockdown I'm afraid this may be as good as it gets for a while longer!

So, for those of you missing the clatter of dice on cloth-covered chipboard here is a game of L'Art de la Guerre played on Tabletop Simulator between two very different Justinian Byzantine armies, both previously featured in the Madaxeman Justinian Byzantine List Building Podcast.

Thankfully (as anyone who's actually watched any tabletop wargame before will know) the gameplay has been speeded up significantly such that the whole battle plays out in only about 20 minutes of onscreen time. 

As well as all the action (hah!) the video also features a running commentary provided by me and Dave (the players) in which we attempt to explain what is happening, and to provide our respective hastily constructed post-hoc justifications for what we thought we were trying to achieve at the time.

Finally, to round things off there's a short discussion of the lists being used and a mercifully brief post-match chat as well where we deconstruct all of the "tactics" and gameplay.

You can watch the original podcast in which these two lists were put forward on the Madaxeman YouTube channel where you can also watch this video on YouTube as well as embedded here on the Madaxeman website / Blogger site.  

You can also replay the game yourself, as the two armies have been set up on a virtual tabletop as a Steam Workshop Item for Tabletop Simulator.

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