30 Nov 2009

28mm Plastic Frenzy !!

Doh! I've finally succumbed and bought some 28mm Plastics. I've been fighting the urge for a while, but they are now so cheap (30p a figure??) and there are enough ranges to allow you to morph them into different armies (Auxilia + Vikings = Sub Roman Brits anyone?). Have a look here at what's for sale on eBay UK or look here for US listings. The Warlord Games ECW stuff is available to see here 

28 Nov 2009

Do You Breed Rabbits?

Amazon seem to think rabbit-keeping and ancient wargaming are closely related.... have your say here.

27 Nov 2009

New photos added to the photo directory

The talented Mr Martin Sequerah, from Singapore via Dubai has added some of his very nice brushwork to the photo gallery this week - worth looking out for more to come we hope!

25 Nov 2009

Testudo Miniatures added to the Manufacturer listing

Their Romans and Gauls now available to vote on. MY Miniatures website also updated.

21 Nov 2009

Warfare Half Way Point

1 outright victory on the last roll of a Roman civil war, on losing draw to some resilient Gauls.

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20 Nov 2009

Random Osprey Book Title Generator

Remember the Geekspeak generator? It's had an offspring! The Random Osprey New Book Title Generator is now live and kicking on this site .. If you have any titles or subjects you'd like to see added in, just email me and I can include them...

18 Nov 2009

Warfare this weekend !

I'll be playing FoG at Warfare this weekend - so only a few days to try and bash through the Roll Call match reports before another lot stack up in the to-do pile! Looks like a great trade show this year.

13 Nov 2009

My Opponents From Roll Call

Armies now added to the Wiki in 100YW English Continental (x2), Later Ottoman and Santa Hermandad. Plus a Free Company list used by me, and some others (Early Scots, and Early Sarmatians) that I didn't use. Have you added your lists yet??

5 Nov 2009

New Version of the Wiki in beta

The new layout is now in beta release - it links to the same database, so anything you do will still be added. Just tweaking a few things on the design. Please vote (on the wiki main page) and tell me if you like it !
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