25 Dec 2009

Hannibal wishes you all Happy Christmas

..although of course, he would have cooked the turkey far better than you managed to do..
(the site webstats say nearly 500 page views today so far as well!)

22 Dec 2009

It's Nearly Over!

The epic struggle to buy all 7,657 FoG Army List Supplements is nearly over, with just one more book to be released in early January. Before you realise how much you spent over Christmas make sure to get in an early order and finish your FoG epic quest with The Lost Scrolls...
Lost Scrolls: Amazon US

21 Dec 2009

PBI Battle Reports / Photos

Some great WW2 photos - battle reports are a bit sketchy, as PBI is often so fast paced, and also I didn't want to spoil the photos as some are really quite nice!

17 Dec 2009

Match Reports from Warfare

Late Republican Romans in action in my Warfare Match Reports - now all posted, with lots of pretty good quality pics too.

12 Dec 2009

Thanks for Visiting Madaxeman.com!

This site has had 93,910 individual visitors in the past 12 months according to monitoring from Google Analytics, who made 534,745 individual page views, and stayed on the site for an average of 5 minutes, 33 seconds. Nearly 1/3 of you have been here once a month over the last year.

The Wiki is the most popular section, closely followed by the 15mm & 10mm Galleries and Match Reports - but the 15mm Suppliers Page has been accessed over 16,000 times in the last year !!


Thanks for visiting....

11 Dec 2009

6mm auction listings added

UK  and US  6mm eBay auction listings now added. If there is a category you'd like to be able to access on this site, just drop me a mail with your requests!

Kennington added to the 15mm Suppliers Directory

Kennington have a range of 38 Ming, Yuan and Mongol figures in 15mm, sold by SHQ Miniatures. The range includes wheelbarrow-mounted artillery! They are now listed in the 15mm Suppliers Directory.

(Armoured Hand-lanched Rocketeers)

10 Dec 2009

Mine and my opponents list from Warfare Posted

Lists for Gallic, Later Seleucid,Early Sarmatian and Late Republican Roman (mine and my opponent's) now all in the Wiki.

(Old Glory LRR Legionaries)

9 Dec 2009

Camelot Games figures now in the Photo Directory

I've added some photos of figures from Camelot Games to the 15mm photo directory. I'm not entirely sure if they are still selling them as they have a brand new website which goes beyond my limited ability to translate Italian via Google, but they are nice figures. Fighting 15s sell them in the UK. The pics are also a good illustration of the transformative power of Windsor & Newton Peat Brown Ink on a basic paint job!


8 Dec 2009

Christmas Shopping

If you infused with the spirit of goodwill and are doing your Christmas shopping on Amazon, did you know that simply by clicking into Amazon via a link on this site you can support Madaxeman.com? You can shop at Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com or even Amazon.fr - and simply by starting at any of these links you help me maintain this site. Happy Christmas!

6 Dec 2009

Roll Call Reports now published

See the Free Company army in action, and get Hannibals views on Medieval Combat:

4 Dec 2009

Portbury Tomorrow

Off to Portbury Knights tomorrow for another Peter Pig's PBI WW2 competition.

Comedy Russians will be in action complete with the bonkers T35 !!

Tillamook Air Museum

Another trawl through the photo archive throws up this odd collection of aircraft... and in a place named after cheese as well ! Tillamook is also allegedly the worlds largest wooden building.

2 Dec 2009

RAF Museum Hendon

Just found some pics from the RAF Museum in Hendon, so I've added them to the directory. It's a great museum, these photos are only a fraction of what's there - and it's free too.
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