22 Dec 2011

Happy Hannibal-tastic Christmas

This video was created for free at the eCards guys JibJab!

16 Dec 2011

Hannibal Knows it's almost Christmas....

It's now almost Christmas, and if you are a typical wargamer that probably means a last-minute panic session on Amazon to pick up a few well-thought-out gifts for your loved ones.

Well, if this is your way of spreading festive cheer, please consider Madaxeman.com this Christmas as well. Simply by clicking into Amazon via the links below before starting your shopping you will be helping support Madaxeman.com, at no extra cost to yourself.

You can shop on Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.com by clicking on these links. Go on - you know Hannibal want's you to !

26 Nov 2011

Blogger Integration at last !!

I've finally worked out how to integrate the design of Madaxeman.com into Blogger (which loads of wargamers use for their websites and to keep track of what;s going on).

This may not sound like a big deal to any technophobes out there, but the practical benefit is that this site now has loads of additional ways for you to pootle around finding obscure, forgotten and random stuff that my lack of a coherent navigation system means might otherwise be forgotten and lost.

It also means that anyone with a Blogger or Google account can do some clever linking and friending stuff to Madaxeman.com.

Have a look for yourself !

(there are also lots of new ways for you to automatically and easily send links from the site to your mates - via Facebook, email and all sorts of other systems - see the new row of logos at the top of each page!)

21 Nov 2011

Oxford Doubles Match Reports

Four New FoG:Renaissance match reports now on this site. See a Siege of Vienna Lifting Austro-Polish army take on the Anglo DutchThe Dagestanians, the Ming Chinese and Someone Else.

Report #2 includes Borat's analysis of the Dagestani Army, given in an exclusive live studio interview with CNN's Larry King.

13 Nov 2011

New Feature on Madaxeman.com

I've added a new widget to Madaxeman.com, which you can now see in the right hand sidebar of most pages. It shows the 10 most recent visitors, with details of where they are from, how they found the site and what pages they have visited.

Each entry links to the page they have been looking at, so it's a great way to see what other people are interested in - and maybe you'll stumble across a few "hidden gems"* on the site too?

(* "hidden gems" translates as "yes, I know the navigational architecture is shocking. But whaddya expect?"

18 Oct 2011

Britcon 2011 Match Reports

Finally - the 6 match reports from Britcon 2011 are now completed and published on this site.

Marvel at the skill of the Louis XIV Frenchies as they line up and advance to the sound of the guns, usually swearing violently in French as they go!
Gasp at a fabulous array of almost incomprehensible battle maps !
And luxuriate in the insightful post-game analysis of Sir Henry "Renaissance" Hannibal !

4 Oct 2011

A real World of Tanks

A new set of museum photos, this time from the Imperial war Museum in Duxford. Oddly enough whilst there are a load of planes in the photos the bulk of the photos are of tanks from the Land Warfare Hall 


2 Oct 2011

Ambush Alley - A Game !!

Yes, photos from a quick introductory and over ambitious game of Ambush Alley, complete with some comments on the rules. Almost a review if you like!

25 Sept 2011

Forged in Battle WW2 American Infantry

I've been tempted into buying a WW2 American company for PBI - adding in some Command Decision half tracks and some tanks from Battlefront. There are some pictures here

20 Sept 2011

New Website for Testudo in the UK

Pete Dalby now has an online site for his fledgling Testudo distributorship in the UK - PD Miniatures. UK-based online ordering, photos and payment by Paypal for the Renaissance 15mm and the Tannenberg 28mm ranges

19 Sept 2011

World of Tanks

Just on the odd chance that some of the visitors to this site also play World of Tanks, my username in World of Tanks is "madaxemandotcom" - feel free to connect....

4 Sept 2011

5 More Renaissance Lists Posted

This time, 900 AP lists from the Oxford (Abingdon) BHGS Doubles - Siege of Vienna, Ming Chinese and Dagestani among them.

3 Sept 2011

7 FoG Renaissance Lists

Yes, all the lists from my 7 games at Britcon are now posted to this site.

25 Aug 2011

Renaissance Battle Reports

Reports from all 4 FoGR games at Devizes now posted - see the Match Reports link on this site for full details.

Sir Henry Hannibal in da House!!

22 Jul 2011

Great Service from Old Glory 15's

Not really news as such, but I just wanted to post a public thanks to Old Glory 15's, who managed to get an order fulfilled, out and posted to a US address I was due to be visiting (to take advantage of their US post-free rate for large orders) - and all during the week before they went on site to Historicon as well

I'm now the happy owner of a huge number of 15mm Renaissance Old Glory figures - watch out for them being painted over the next few months!

17 Jul 2011

Force on Force

I've had a load of 1/72nd scale plastic soldiers lying around in boxes for ages, but the new Force on Force rules from Osprey & Ambush Alley have prompted me to dig them out - and buy a few opponents for them too. Of course, project creep inevitably sneaks in, and now I have the thick end of 200 modern 20mm figures. Just need more time to play !

22 Jun 2011

Renaissance Flags Sites

Now added to the 15mm Renaissance Figure Directory, a list of sites offering Renaissance flags - both free to download and ones to buy.

12 Jun 2011


10mm Fire and Fury Antietam (for the second time...) fought in an art gallery - all the pictures and analysis here...

10 Jun 2011

New Baueda Norman range now added

Baueda's new Normans have been added to the 15mm Supplier Directory and also to the 15mm Photo Gallery. The range is now sold in the UK by Vexillia

5 Jun 2011

3 Jun 2011

Central London Club News

Central London Wargames Club has a second night - we now meet on each and every Monday and now also Thursday at "Escape" which is just by Mornington Crescent Tube.

On the weekend of June 11th some of the club members will also be playing a big Fire & Fury game (Antietam) as part of an art project in an art gallery in Piccadilly. This is part of an installation by Swiss artist Christoph Buchel, and has been reviewed in both The Guardian and The London Evening Standard. Come along and meet us between 10am and 6pm. How wild is that!

(Or, just read Landscape Turned Red: The Battle of Antietam by Stephen W Sears)

28 May 2011

Renaissance Figures size comparison page

Side by side pictures of a load of Renaissance figures all now on this site, allowing you to compare sizes of the various allegedly 15mm manufacturers.

Dixon added to the Renaissance Figure Manufacturers Directory

The 15mm figure directory now has even more listings...

26 Apr 2011

All the rest of the photos...

The Warlord Games 28mm TYW project is now done and dusted. The final set of photos are here. I now am the proud owner of  the following units:
  • 24 Cuirassiers
  • 48 Other Horse
  • 12 Mounted Harquebusiers
  • 20 Croat Light Horse
  • 72 Spanish Tercio Foot
  • 156 "German" Pike and Shotte
  • 4 Regimental Guns (Falconets)
  • 4 Medium and Heavy Guns
  • 8 Bases of Dragoons
  • 4 Generals
  • 1 Baggage Camp
(Just a tiny degree of "project creep" there then....)

25 Apr 2011

15mm Renaissance Manufacturers Directory

I've now added a 15mm Renaissance Figures Manufacturer directory to the site to complement the 15mm Ancients one. You can now see a full list of 15mm Renaissance figure manufacturers, with details of the ranges they carry, links to their website and also have the ability to rate their figures and see what other gamers have voted for.

24 Apr 2011

4 FoG:Renaissance battle reports

The long anticipated and long delayed battle report series from Usk 2011 is now up here on the site in full frilly-collared glory. Marvel as Hugenots take on one lot of Swedes and three very different lots of British in the new era of Renaissance warfare. Full Hannibal-tastic analysis, as well as the odd genuinely useful instructional video from Garibaldi and von Half-Wittgenstein .

7 Apr 2011

Almost the end... 28mm TYW

The last batch of my mega plastic and metal painting project have now been finished - and here's a few pics. I will try and get round to showing off the whole lot over Easter..

9 Mar 2011

Testudo Figures available in the UK

I just received the following email from Pete Dalby - good news for anyone who likes Testudo miniatures! 

"I’m delighted to say that Giuseppe Rava of Testudo Miniatures has very kindly agreed to let me distribute his excellent miniatures in the UK.

His 30YW / ECW figures are arguably the best available in 15mm.  They are to Renaissance what Xyston are to Ancients.   If you’ve not seen them before I’ve created albums on Photobucket where you can see the figures in all their glory.

In bringing these figures to the UK market I have looked at the pricing of similar quality figures – Xyston, Corvus Belli, Venexia, Mirliton etc – all of which are at the top end – versus the staple of the UK wargaming scene – Essex.

The good news is that my prices will only be pennies more than Essex per figure – and cheaper than all of the other manufacturers I’ve mentioned.

If you’re playing or collecting in this period – you deserve to have figures of this quality – so treat yourself.

This is a new venture for me and initially I will not have a website.  I am just about to place my first bulk order and it would be great to hear from you on what figures and volumes you might be interested in with no obligation.  Please email me at peterdalby@talktalk.net   If you are interested in the other Testudo ranges please let me know.

You can view the full Testudo range at their own website here:

My prices per pack will be as follows:

Foot (10 figs) - £3.60
Foot Command (12 figs) - £5.20
Horse (5 figs & 5 horses) - £4.00
Horse Command (6 figs & 6 horses) - £5.20
Personalities (5 figs & 5 horses) - £5.20
Artillery (2 guns & 6 figs) - £6.00
Pack of 40 – 50mm wire pikes - £3.60

All packs contain a mix of poses.  Pikemen do not come with pikes.

The only other cost to you will be UK postage which will be via Royal Mail and commensurate with the weight of your order.  I will invoice you via Paypal.

If you’re still not convinced check out these photos from Mark Kernan of TheOneTree painting service – all using Testudo figures.

I hope to hear from you soon – go on – you know you’re worth it!



6 Mar 2011

More 28mm TYW / ECW Figures

Some work in progress shots of the Warlord Games (and others) 28mm army - this time, Cuirassiers, casualties Mounted harquebusiers and baggage.

It's almost finished....

2 Mar 2011

Videos on YouTube

Just added a couple of helicopter videos onto YouTube. How low can an Apache fly ? This low maybe?  What about a Chinook or a Blackhawk?

16 Feb 2011

5 More FoG Renaissance lists added

5 lists for FoG Renaissance added, from the Usk 2011 competition. Swedish, ECW Royalists (x2), Hugenots, and Restoration British all at 900 AP

15 Jan 2011

Warfare Reports now posted

4 reports now posted from Warfare 2010 Classical period. See the Marginally More Morally Bankrupt Dominate Romans in action against two lots of EAP, some Huns and some Bosporans.

Added snippets of embedded commentary from Garibaldi and Napoleon throughout the reports

2 Jan 2011

New Year Sales & Offers

A number of manufacturers run special offers in January, so I'll be posting those I know about here:
  • Museum Miniatures - 25% Off all Figures, Armies, Equipment and 1/300th WWII aircraft, plus no UK VAT increase.
  • If you know of any more, just drop me an email at the above address and I'll add them to the site.
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