18 Dec 2023

The last few Arrowhead 12mm WW2 vehicles

With Arrowhead selling up (and hopefully finding a buyer for the business), I recently picked up a small set of Late War British vehicles to round out my army for BKC.

It's two Cromwells (giving me a troop of 3 in total) and a fabulous scene-stealing Staghound

 The unit markings are a bit of everything really, just to get some colour onto the models - which are really great little kits. Vallejo Bronze Green is the go-to colour (of course) 

Fingers crossed someone picks the range up and carries on with it.

14 Dec 2023

Ships in the, erm, winter..

 I finally cracked, caved in, conceded defeat and bought some more ships from Warlord Games for Black Seas ..

Yes, having said for almost 2 years that this was a beer and pretzels game, and that having more, bigger ships would not add  anything to the experience... well, of course, that was all lies anyway. 

So, here are a couple of 3rd Raters - one done as British, one as French. I do also have the third that comes in the set but haven't rigged it yet. 

The painting style and technique was exactly as the previous sets , as was the swearing while doing the rigging

And, just to prove they are different to the Brig and Frigates I already have, here are all three, ready for Goldilocks to steal their porridge !

11 Dec 2023

28mm Successors: Gallic Cavalry

 The Successor armies all tend to get 1-2 units of Gallic cavalry, and as I have the bones of a Galatian army anyway now (OK, 3 bases of infantry) adding some Victrix Galatian cavalry seemed like a great idea.

And, here they are: 

These as usual have a combination of Battle Flag waterslide and some LBMS sticker shield patterns. 

I did also somehow manage to fit them on 60x50 bases in a way which means they can stand side by side as 2 units in a block - which was quite a challenge!

I stll have sprues for 6 more cavalry to make - its just a shame they don't have unarmoured and armoured torsos on the same spue really, but maybe that's a conversion job for the future?

5 Dec 2023

28mm Successors - some more Galatian infantry

 As part of the latest batch (before I dive into doing 48 pikemen!) I added another base of Galatian infantry to the army I'm assembling. 

These Victrix guys come out so well that I really don't see how I can resist getting a whole army. 

I probably have enough Thracians to make an ally for them, and having seen that you get 3 chariots in a set from Victrix too the temptation may be too strong to resist for long! 

1 Dec 2023

The Huns - One Steppe forwards, two Steppes back ?

Three Hun-tastic battle reports from the Southern League Round 4 at Entoyment last weekend now posted, which see the Huns take on a variety of other Steppe-based nomads in some swirling and dramatic horse archery-rich encounters

You know the drill by now - nonsensical captions, vaguely related videos, commentary from Nasty Hannibal..

This time around you'll also no doubt be delighted to hear that I've also managed to sneak in a lot of references to saddle-fermented cheese, horseback flatulence and even to conjure up some AI-generated images that tie in with these historically dubious themes as well. 

Reports now online at https://www.madaxeman.com/reports/Southern_League_Bournemouth_2023_1.php

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