31 Aug 2012

ITC Lisbon

I'm at the ITC in Lisbon this weekend, and as a consequence my twitter account @madaxeman has been hijacked by Hannibal.

If you are on Twitter, look out for the hashtag #NASTYHANNIBAL to see Hannibal's thoughts on the progress of the competition over this weekend!

28 Aug 2012

6mm USMC Infantry - lying down !

Here's a load of photos of the rather clever Mainforce 6mm infantry from Magister Militum.

They are modern infantry which are a lot more bulky than most of the other manufacturers in this scale, but uniquely they have been cast mostly laying down - which makes them a lot more robust than any other infantry out there.

This lot are part of the repaint job I'm doing for someone with lots of 1990's USMC - including the helos

25 Aug 2012

Manufacturers Directories Updates

I've just updated a few manufacturer details in the Renaissance and Ancient figure listings:

  • Two Dragons Samurai and Vikings ranges are now manufactured by Caliver Books
  • Rebel Minis have a range of Pirates (including a mermaid...)

23 Aug 2012

Ottomans at Roll Call 2012

The Ottomans take on Roll Call 2012 and face Caroline Imperialists, Tatars and Irish in their pursuit of a level of competence that matches the colourfulness of their clothes.

All the usual critiques from Renaissance Hannibal, comments from Al Shearer the Turkish Sultan, videos explaining the army lists and inappropriate captions on the photos as well..

NB - the army lists are probably NOT in the wiki as yet, mainly because I appear to have lost them....

5 Aug 2012

6mm USMC

Photos on the Madaxeman.com Facebook page of some more 6mm stuff - this time US Marines using the rather cute Mainforce infantry. I don't think you need to login to view the pics.

1 Aug 2012

More Free Renaissance Flags

Just added a link to Wargames Designs free ECW and other Renaissance flags page to the 15mm Renaissance Suppliers Directory list of flag sites.

Wargames Designs appear to be a painting service who have decided to offer free downloadable flags as part of a plan to drive more traffic to their website. I think that's quite a cute idea - and they are really great flags as well, which always helps !

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