26 Oct 2009

The Mountain Cheese Olympics

Get your geometric terrain out chaps - Winners of the latest Mountain Cheese Olympics now announced!

21 Oct 2009

Blood & Gold out now

Blood and Gold - the American Lists for Field of Glory is reportedly sneaking out the door soon on Amazon.co.uk (via that link) for under a tenner, or on Amazon US via this link.

16 Oct 2009

New Pages in the FoG Wiki

A few more Wools from The Seams armies now added to the Wiki

14 Oct 2009

Free delivery on everything sold by Amazon UK!

Amazon UK have announced that they now offer free shipping on all orders, no matter what price! Bad news if you run a real-world bookshop, but good news if you want to buy an Osprey or something from the FoG-armies Amazon shop on this site (I'll update the text on that page later..)!

12 Oct 2009

Wiki under maintainance

The Wiki is undergoing maintenance and upgrade this week - so it may well be out for a while....

7 Oct 2009

Imperial Armies of the Thirty Years War (Men-at-arms)

Out on 10/10/09, a New Osprey release for all FoG R playtesters! This history of the Catholic armies of the Hapsburg Empire explores the role of infantry and artillery during the TYW, charting the progression of weapons, organization, tactics, and colorful uniforms used by the infantry and artillery! Boom!!

4 Oct 2009

Wiki Upgrade

I'm upgrading the Wiki software at the moment, so it may not work for while!
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