26 Feb 2023

The Army of Spartacus in 15mm

 A few years ago (2019 to be exact) I won an unpainted army in a raffle at the L'Art de la Guerre Worlds in Rome. The figures were from Italian manufacturer Strategia Nova, and the prize was actually an Arab army, however as I have Arab figures in abundance I asked the guy who'd provided them if I could swap for a different army. 

And, of the ones he had, the Slave Revolt army of Spartacus looked like the best bet!

I've now finally finished painting the army (almost 4 years later!), and have uploaded them all to my website in their full Cinemascope glory, complete with an added YouTube video so you can watch the pictures that are already on my website flash past you in a matter of minutes as well. 

Some highlights are:

Basing underway

The Slaves

The better armed slaves 

Slaves in captured Roman equipment 

Spartacus leading his Gladiators

Big Spartacus 

More poorly armed rebelllious slaves

The Work in Progress.

You can see more shots of the finished and part-painted army on my website via that link, or watch a YouTube video of them too. 

20 Feb 2023

3 Video Reports of the Celtiberians at Oxford

 At the end of 2021 a Lockdown-painted Ancient Spanish army had mixed (OK, hardly any) success at the Brixham Classic, so a year and a bit later I attempted to rehabilitate them in a different incarnation for the Oxford round of the Southern League One day ADLG Tournament circuit. 

This time they were playing in a theme of armies valid in the reign of Mithradates of Pontus, a 15mm period

The army I used in Brixham had relied on Sertorius and his Roman turncoat legions, but this one was a more traditional crazy warband version with Heavy Infantry Celtiberians (a part played by these guys pictured below) and an ally of Lusitanians for rough terrain.

The cavalry contingent in this version was however purely nominal, relying on the punch of the infantry to carry the day, Even so, the Burning Cart of DOOOOM made a welcome reappearance anyway.

At the event the Celtiberian Spanish were drawn against Mithradates himself, the Ptolemies of Egypt and finally the Chinese steppe nomads of the Xiong Nu, all of which are covered in 3 mercifully short video reports in which I attempt to talk you through what exactly went right, and what also went wrong with this somewhat flawed plan!

You can watch the reports on my website, or on the Madaxeman YouTube Channel - each one is about 15 minutes long.

17 Feb 2023

A Printed Wooden Horse

 At the recent ADLG competition in Alicante, all competitors received a free gift of a 3D-printed Trojan Horse (following on from the little fort given out last year).

Having used a Mycenean army only a few months ago at Warfare, such an accessory was very welcome and so I've managed to give it a very quick paint job and base it up on a 40x80mm ADLG baggage base. 

  And here it is - in the first picture shown next to a base of Museum "pre-Z" Mycenean warriors in Dendra armour, and in the second shown next to the mess on my painting desk. 

A few grass tufts and it'll be ready to take the field next time I use the Myceneans.

7 Feb 2023

Valencia Military Museum

 On our recent club expedition to an ADLG competition in Alicante we managed to spend a couple of days (and nights) in Valencia, including a trip to it's surprisingly good Military (aka Army) Museum.

I've now uploaded all of the photos from that trip to a Gallery in the Museums section of this website, which you can access here 

There is also a YouTube video of the photos posted on my YouTube Channel 

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