30 Oct 2012

Painting table, or dogs breakfast ?

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you have too many projects on the got at any one time?

Well, try and spot some of the bits and pieces clogging up my workbench at the moment...

28mm Old Glory arquebusiers, Warlord Games horses and harquebusiers... and a half-finished 20mm modern British Afghan truck and container for Force on Force lurking in the background. And some 15mm pirate cannons in the foreground. Of course.
6mm modern Heroics and Ros Americans (and Russians), 15mm Old Glory Three Musketeers, 15mm Forged in battle Tiger 1's, 15(ish)mm Museum Gendarmes, 18mm Vexillia TYW command figures and some modern aricraft and a Cobra helicopter. And a 28mm ECW general won as a trophy... and an odd 10mm German 'shreck man part way through being rebased.

15mm Streltsi, Polish and Russian foote from Old Glory, various Avar foot from Khurasan, Mikes Models Winged Hussars, plastic Caesar Miniatures women in short skirts with Uzi's, a 20mm modern Russian from Elheim, some 20mm Modern British from S&S, a bit of baggage from Donnington

28mm mixed manufacturers Landesknechts - and a 15mm Peter Pig pirate boat !

7 Oct 2012

More 1/300th Modern stuff

This time it's Taliban infantry and softskins (including some scarily good GHQ "Technical" models) and a Syrian army as well - all refurbished using some ArmyPainter tinted varnish from an original base colour of a spray coating of dark sand.

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