28 Oct 2023

Anglo-Irish Sardine Fiesta!

Once again the team based highlight of the global ADLG year comes around, with yet another trip to the tile-clad temperate oasis of sardines and port, Lisbon ! 

After a stunning bout of mid table mediocrity last year, the same 4-person Anglo-Irish team had been reassembled for another go at joining in the 100-strong contingent of ADLG players from around the world all congregating in Lisbon's Military Museum on the banks of the Mighty Tagus for the second September in a row - although this time we had shuffled the pack a little and all 4 of us had swapped themes around.

This saw me occupy the Dark Ages & Early Feudal slot, allowing me to use Feudal Anglo-Irish, featuring a load of figures that had't really been put on table before, but most importantly was the only Anglo-Irish list available! 

Read on to find out how this eclectic collection of Norman feudal knights, javelin-throwing Irish Kerns, English colonist yeomen with spears and longbows, Ostmen descended from Viking stock, and an allied contingent of axe-weilding Irish warriers fared in all 5 games from Lisbon 2023

You will find all the usual nonsense, as well as unique post-match commentary from Hannibal and the Anglo Irish Commander, who turns out to have been a rather strange hybrid of the very Irish Father Jack (from Father Ted) and the very English Jeeves (of PG Wodehouse fame). 

7 Oct 2023

Roman Army Museum & the Vindolanda Fort

 The final tranche of photos from the epic trip to (and from) the Sighian Dubh competition in Irvine are now up and posted on this website, and feature a run-through of some of the key Hadrians Wall-adjacent history sites in the north of England

In plain english that means the Roman Army History Museum, and the nearby Vindolanda archeological site and museum on the northern border of the Roman Empire.

All of the photos we took are online on my website here , but hhere is a small smattering of them as well to give you a taster of the site.

You've already seen the "How big is that ballista" photos, so now is a chance to immerse yourself in the rest of Rome's northern border's history !

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