28 May 2024

Successor Hit Markers in 28mm

I'm gradually assembling specialist casualty markers for many of my armies, and the latest set are for my 28mm Successors

Luckily Victrix include a lot of extra shields in their packs, especially for cavalry figures, and of course over the years I have accrued many metal and plastic ones from other sets so I have a lot available to make these three types of marker

In a rocket-science level bit of planning I use 3 shields for 3 hits, 2 for 2 hits and a single shield for one hit.

I've even splashed out and used up some un-needed LBMS transfers on some of them - possibly the most expensive casualty markers in the world!

 I always give them a few thick coats of liquid poly varnish before finishing in matt varnish, as they will inevitably get chucked in a bag somewhere - so a few coats of poly tends to make them pretty scuff-proof 

21 May 2024

The Anglo-Saxons invade .. Southend!

The first ever Southern League ADLG event to take place in Southend on Sea took plce recently, and was appositely themed around the year of the Battle of Benfleet, in which the Anglo Saxons kicked the Vikings out of Essex - at least temporarily - and so I decided this was an omen worth embracing by taking an Anglo-Saxon army myself! 

The army was made up of a load of 15mm Anglo Saxons/Vikings/generic Dark Age geezers that I'd rebased during lockdown, and a 3-game event where they would be thematically appropriate was ideal, especially as they were not likely to be all that good.

The event being at Southend also gave me an opportunity to inflict multiple references to both Billy Bragg and Danny Dyer on an unsuspecting wargames population and viewership - a gift that keeps on giving throughout the 3 videos in this competition report

Having decided that a night out in Southend on Sea was unmissable, there is also some local tourism involved in the reports

Many thanks again to the Southend Wargames Club for hosting us in their fabulous games bunker too!

 (You'll also no doubt be pleased to know that the Essex branch of the McHugh Carpet Empire also get a welcome plug). 

Enjoy the videos

18 May 2024

Pisan Baggage

I finally got around to buying some 3mm buildings from Brigade Models recently, and paired them up with a tourist tat Pisa tower that I originally bought way back in 2004 (!) after the Pisa team DBM tournament.

Turns out they fit really well together scale-wise, and now I have an ADLG camp element on a 40x80 base.

Better get looking at that Pisan Italian City State army list I guess !!

Here's the "before" picture. 

14 May 2024

ADLG Renaissance: The Basics

 I've finally gotten round to recording a few ADLG-R videos with Simon LeRay-Meyer, in which we look to work through the basics of the system with a particular focus on explaining the differences to ADLG Ancients.

They are now all posted on YouTube and also here on my website 

The main areas covered are to do with how double-width bases for infantry formations in the Renaissance version actually work. 

This is all pretty simple once you get your head around how they work but can trip up someone who is familiar with ADLG Ancients if you are not mindful of what and why they are deemed necessary in Renaissance ADLG

The videos are a bit of an experiment using my webcam and recorded very simply on Zoom, so the quality isn't exactly top notch - but hopefully we manage to be chatty and engaging enough to carry you through that, and in so doing manage to get across the key ways in which these double units actually work and operate on the battlefield.

Here's hoping you make it at least half way through ! 

12 May 2024


Is it even a real word?  

Who knows in all honestly, but surely every Ancient wargamer will have considered adding a few Parthian Cataphract Camels to their collection at some point in their life? 

Well, at Warfare last year I had a voucher to spend and not all that much I actually wanted, so Forged in Battle ended up being the lucky recipients of my virtual cash and I became the owner of a pack of Camelphracts - which have finally been painted and added to the Bisely cabinet of shame.

They come in a pack of 8 models, which is readonable compared to the normal FiB sets of 12 cavalry as they are much bigger beasts than regular horses.

I then managed to obtain a couple more figures from Dave, as he had some spares allowing me to paint up the 3 bases that you'd need to field a max-sized Camephract force in a 300 point Parthian army for ADLG.

Of course the idea I would ever use a 300 point Parthian army in ADLG is pretty far fetched, but hey, having 9 Camelphracts is much better than having 6 and 2 spares eh?

The odd man out got based up a command stand

All done with contrasts plus drybrushed standard metals. 

7 May 2024

Medieval Baggage

 I can never resist a chance to get some more baggage elements, and my 28mm armies are now starting to be the main recipients of this habit (as I honestly have way too much army baggage in 15mm!).

Earlier this year at the PAW show in Plymouth I picked up these couple of vignette sets from John at Athena Miniatures - as a trade for a Russian hat I had originally planned to sell on the Bring & Buy. 

They are "Vignette 7 Nobles and Merchants" and "Vignette 8 Drunk Soldiers" on the Athena website - I  did however mix one of the Merchants into the Drunkards base to give the happy fellows some context and dissapproval.

"You bring shame on our army with your drunkenness  - especially you Sire, a Priest!" 

The figures are a tad stylized compared to some ranges, but the animation and entertainment value of these little sets is still top notch IMO!

Begging for alms...  or perhaps just begging ?

All done in Contrast Paints, based up on 60x60mm square MDF with tufts from Warpaint Miniatures. 


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