22 Apr 2012

Rate Modern 20mm figures at Madaxeman.com

I've added a full manufacturers listing and voting buttons to my 20mm Modern Infantry "Force on Force" page, so you can now compare and rate all the manufacturers via this site.

21 Apr 2012

Salute 2012

Everyone likes a bit of gaming yummy-ness, so here are a handful of pictures from Salute 2012 today. My shopping list and thoughts are at the bottom - click here to see the full post if you are viewing this from Madaxeman.com. All of these images link to a full-sized version, so just click them to see more.

A one-page ruleset ACW game using Kallistra hex terrain

The game also featured some (new) 10mm ACW troops from Kallistra - I think I need to update the list of 10mm ACW manufacturers, as it suddenly seems to be all the rage !

28mm Romans hide behind a wall - one of the many games using the plethora of new Ancients rules to be published recently 

It's a big old shed at ExCeL - but full of gamers ...

Even with some of the widest aisles ever seen in a show, it looks busy (this was around 11am)

The FoW team were running demo's of the rules on their stand (booth in American). At least this time no-one was in WW2 uniform.... 

The GW stand was branded Forge World .... 

A Captain Scarlet (I think...?) road rage game

Someone had been scouring eBay for all of those vehicles methinks....

Monsters in the City

A stunning modern Baltic game, Russians against the locals...

20mm I think - very impressive

The traditional massive Napoleonic game ...

A futuristic take on a historic harbour

One for the kids - Lego Daleks & Cybermen !

Donnington's impressively painted Agincourt game in 15mm

Somewhere in a corner of Japan...

All of these images link to bigger versions - just click them for the full size picture. 

My shopping list extended to a load of 15mm Pirates, from Blue Moon and Peter Pig for a FoGR Buccaneer army (I also got tempted into buying a load of naval cannons, as they were so cute. I hope they have some in the army list!), 30 Old Glory 25mm Swiss Arquebusiers to help early-ize my existing 28mm Renaissance army, a 20mm Force on Force media crew from MJ Figures (another outfit also getting into 10mm ACW by the looks of their catalogue), a 20mm FoF truck from Britannia and some 15mm Woodland Indians, again from Blue Moon, to go alongside the Pirates. 

Blue Moon seem to be releasing stuff like crazy at the moment - their Napoleonics looked really good, even though I have no interest in the period, and the will apparently soon start releasing some Ancients too (Gauls, Romans, Germans and Parthians). 

Each year there seems to be slightly fewer 15mm Ancients manufacturers represented there - I'd been hoping to pick up some Lancashire Games Boxer Rebellion Chinese to use as "Chinese blokes with arquebuses" for any number of random FoGR armies, and maybe get some more Pirates and Indians from (I think) Museum, but neither were there - maybe the higher margins required to underwrite exhibiting are to be found in anything Flames of War related, and 28mm Historicals, SciFi and Fantasy as pretty much all the manufacturers I could think of in those ranges and scales were present. 

Still, a good day out all round, and some nice eye candy to boot. Now I just need some time to catch up on my painting so I can even start to think about undercoating this latest lot of figures ..

14 Apr 2012

Brazilian Artillery

Just added 44 pictures from Fort Copacabana in Rio, the Brazilian Army Museum. Some interesting artillery, and mannequins in period uniforms from Brazilian history, from the European colonization to WW2.

7 Apr 2012

Farnboro 2012 - 4 Match Reports

4 comprehensive reports from games using an Imperial Spanish army, compiled at a recent 500 AP, 4-games-in-a-day FoG:R competition held in Farnboro.
This was quite an unusual format of event, as we used 40mm movement distances,which certainly meant the action started pretty quickly ! I was initially a little concerned that 500AP might be too few, but again, most people seemed to be able to eke out 10+ unit armies, and the table didn't seem that sparsely populated, or certainly not to the extent that LH or mounted armies dominated in any way. 

All in all a good format, and fitting 4 games (or 1&3/4 hours each) into a single day was also a very good use of my time, so many thanks to Richard and the club at Farnboro' for organising it - looking forward to the next one already ! 
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