29 Jan 2013

The wee Jocks come up a little short

Just finished the last game in the round-robin phase of our Club 650 points FoGR competition, and despite a heroic attempt my 1639 Scots Royalist army fell just short of qualifying for the knockout stages of the competition even after recording a rather tasty 67 points (in BHGS money) over 4 games, with a rather uneven mix of scores of the order of 19-25-1-22.

This chunky score placed me 3rd, behind two other players both tied on 70 (one of whom I lost to 1-24, and one of whom I beat 22-3 in the last game, when needing a 24-1 to overhaul him... shame about the 3 generals killed in combat or it could have been even closer!

The choice of army for each player was done on a sort of reverse seeding, so the more experienced players got "worse" armies - however what we seem to have proved so far is that in a tightly themed ECW period, a cool army is generally no match for experience !

The lists I used in this 5'x3' table 650 point competition are now on the FoGR Wiki

28 Jan 2013

Museum Miniatures 2013 January Sale

Just got an email reminding me that Museum Miniatures 2013 Sale is on at the moment, with 25% off all figures and ready made armies. That makes infantry and cavalry only £1.88 per pack..

I used some of their chaps in a recent Battle Report as Hungarians - they are the knighty-looking blokes on horses in the two photos below. Nice figures!

A lot of the Museum stuff features in the Ancients Photo Gallery too on this site.

I suspect that the Museum sale ends in a couple of days if you are interested...

26 Jan 2013

Lurkio added to the Renaissance Manufacturers Directory

Somewhat belatedly late, I've now added Lurkio to the Renaissance Suppliers Directory. They have a newly-released Nine Years War range suitable for all of the main nations, specifically Bavarians and Anglo-Dutch, and also Inca, Canari and Mapuche ranges from the Americas. Sold in FoG battle groups, "single bases" (i.e. according to DBx basing conventions) and some army pack sizes these are very nice little figures.

They'll also be appearing in one of the upcoming match reports from Godendag 2013 on this site!

16 Jan 2013

Field of Glory Renaissance Battle Reports From Southern League Oxford 2013 - Game 1

In a blistering 10 day turnaround, three full and multimedia-rich Field of Glory Renaissance Battle Reports From round 1 of the Southern League in Oxford have appeared online already!

Marvel as the Hungarians get a bellyful of Ottomans, Mamluks and a very tasty Hungarian Civil War in this 3-game one-day competition with pre-set terrain.

See how an all mounted army performs in these three reports

13 Jan 2013

More Scots..

This time to give some extra short-range firepower to the Scots, it's Peter Pig's rather dinky little Frame Guns that get an unveiling

 These also feature at least one Essex artillery crewman (the chap in the hat on the left of shot)

 A very by-now traditional Armypainter Dark Tone has brought them up very well. I also used brush-on Testors Dullcote as I didn't fancy getting a spray can out for so few figures.

I've done one gun in brass, and one in a more iron type metal - I suspect the real things were leather but metal looks a bit more, well, gun-like.

10 Jan 2013

Will this be the year for Tankfest?

The power of Twitter has sent me a notification about Tankfest 2013, at the Tank Museum in Bovingddon. Despite having been to Aberdeen and Kubinka, I've never been down to Bovvy to see the UK museum... but this does look very tempting!

Anyone got any recommendations about this as a day out?

8 Jan 2013

Those Scottish Cavalry are done...

As promised to my Facebook subscribers just after Christmas, I've been finishing off a dozen or so Peter Pig Scottish Cavalry to go with the infantry I finished back in November - and very pleased with them I am too.

This is the full unit - I bought two packs of 4, plus the command pack which only has three models in it, so I added an extra infantryman (who I think is from Essex) to round out the set.
The actual cavalrymen come in two poses, looking left and right

 These were all undercoated in white, and finished in Army painter Dark Tone to match the Scottish Infantry regiments I did earlier
 Unlike the infantry I also painted the straps on the back of each figure - the straps on the infantry were a bit thin and cast in a lower relief than these, and also I did the infantry in a bit of a rush to be honest.
 This chap in the middle is one of the officers and Generals pack (Pack 40 from the Regimente of Foote range "Scots Gens (3)")
 The pack also seems to have a chap in full armour - lucky devil really for the Scots of that era - unless he snuck in from another pack on my very messy painting table without me noticing...
Here is the final General, with a bit of a Puritan haircut and an Essex figure (I suspect from a Jacobite Rebellion range, but who's counting..?) to round them out.

The more of these figures I paint, the more I like them. The temptation to buy a whole army of them is growing stronger....

2 Jan 2013

Reports from Warfare 2012

The Early Danes field more Cuirassiers than you can safely shake a stick at, and take to the field after a hearty fry-up (appropriately enough) in Warfare 2012 - a themed FoG:R competition - and take on Transylvanians, Swedes, Jin Chinese and some Austrians

The reports features two full-fat deep fried reports, one half-fat and a final lite version using only bacon flavourings instead of real bacon. 

You will also have the opportunity to order a range of tasty bacon-flavoured snacks from eBay to consume whilst reading.
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