25 Jan 2014

Military Vehicles Magazine - finally got one !

I've been trying to find a newsagent with copies of the first few issues of the "partwork" magazine Military Vehicles for the last few weeks, and finally wandered into a branch of WH Smiths to see the 3rd issue on sale for £5.99

The magazine itself is of course a bit pants - Wikipedia and 2 minutes on Google could come up with more infor on the Stryker and Bergpanzer Tiger than the magazine contains, but getting two 1/72nd models for £5.99 can't be sniffed at, can it?

Bergpanzer Tiger & Stryker - Military Vehicle Magazine

The main reason for buying it was to pick up a couple of Strykers for use in Force on Force, which I'll work on soon by weathering the rather shiny plastic kit seen here - but that leaves me with the challenge of what to do with two WW2 German armoured recovery vehicles of a type which may well not even have existed...

Having had a quick look at the vehicle itself, its soon obvious that the model is essentially a bog-standard Tiger I with the gun taken off and a winch and hook arrangement grafted onto what is otherwise a standard model - even the gun mantlet is still in place. It will need a bit of filling anyway - as you can see from this photo it may have been modelled on the Airfix Tiger I, as the hull front doesn't really join up with the underside of this one either!

Military Vehicle Magazine Bergpanzer Tiger

So, rather than either waste the kits, or spend weeks trying to devise a credible scenario for Chain of Command in which the Germans are needing to rescue one recovery vehicle with another, I had a much simpler idea. Buy a couple of barrels and do a bit of quick conversion to turn the recovery vehicles into real ones! Luckily eBay has a couple of sellers of 1/72nd Tiger Barrels - these are machined metal barrels which modellers use to upgrade plastic kits to more accurate and robust versions (especially with the smoke diffuser end thingy on the barrel)

If you've picked up one of these magazines, maybe this is an idea to convert the Bergpanzer to a real Tiger rather than flood eBay with them! The barrels are onsale in the UK from Story Models and in the US from Small Military Models and More

19 Jan 2014

FoGR Army Lists from Usk

Lists of the French Italian Wars, Ming Chinese, Scots, Caroline Imperialists and Ottomans (morphed from the FoG:AM Ottoman army) as seen at Godendag 2014 this weekend in Usk now all posted on the FoGR Wiki

Match reports to follow...

15 Jan 2014

Japanese WW2 Snipers

I've added three snipers to my Japanese PBI army. These are Peter Pig figures, and are bedecked with various items of jungle foliage.

They are a little late for my PBI Japanese battle reports from last year...

 This isn't the most wordy blog post ever, but hey, I just finished them and wanted to share them with you all..
The pack has three variants in it, standing, kneeling and prone

They are painted in an Army Painter Leather Brown undercoat, with Coat d'Arms Japanese Uniform over the top, all topped off with Army Painter Strong Tone.

12 Jan 2014

The Heroics & Ros Rapier Unit - assembled

Having needed a Rapier battery for some time to round out my Modern British force for Cold War Commander, I finally got round to buying a Heroics & Ros Rapier unit at Warfare 2013. This had sat in my to-do pile for some time as I puzzled how to put it together....

... and so eventually I asked for help from the nice people on the BKC Forum. Clearly several other people have been through the same thought process, and so I posted some instructions on this site to help explain how to put it together. Here is the outcome:

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