25 Mar 2016

Burton Doubles 2016 - the Multimedia Extravaganza!

Burton, a classic and historic venue ... the ideal setting for a video and audio online multi-platform interactive assault on common sense and common decency as Madaxeman.com launches a PODCAST... and a VIDEO PODCAST to supplement the match reports!!

See (and hear) how the Triumverate Roman & Jewish army fared against the Romano-British & Patricians, 3K Chinese & Hsiung Nu, Armenians & Romans and Parthians (Elemayan) & Hatrenes in 4 separate fully detailed ADLG match reports!

Or, you can just read the damned things on the web just like in the olden days ...

21 Mar 2016

El Kraken added to the 28mm manufacturers directory

Spanish company and authors of the Tercio rules, El Kraken (gotta love the name...) have been added to the 28mm Renaissance manufacturers directory whilst I fight with myself not to invest in their kickstarter on the basis that I already have far too many 28mm TYW troops...

They also very kindly sent me a copy of their Tercio rules some months ago, but unfortunately life has gotten in the way of me even getting around to reading them - so one day you might find a review on this site too!

12 Mar 2016

L'Art de la Guerre Index Page now set up

With an ever-increasing amount of L'Art de la Guerre content now appearing on this and other sites, I've set up an ADLG Index page on Madaxeman.com to pull together all of the L'Art de la Guerre content into one place.

This page has all of the links to battle reports, ADLG resources across the web, places where you can buy the rules and also links to the ADLG Wiki which is slowly growing on this site as well.

Internationally these rules are now well embedded in the competition community across France, Belgium, Spain The USA and have a growing following in the UK and Italy, with some dabbling elsewhere such as Australia and Greece. As of today it's therefore entirely possible that ADLG is the most widely played Ancients competition ruleset in the world right now, with (as of 12/3/16) 276 players in the International Rankings as having played this year, plus another 70-odd who have played at events in the UK

The link for this page now forms part of the main site menu in the site header too.


8 Mar 2016

Hairy Beasts in Deepest Bristol ...

Gertfaux, on the industrial outskirts of Bristol at Bristol Independent Gaming has seen my first ever Malifaux tournament just one year ago... and now I was back with Marcus, the King of the Jungle for a second year of Malifaux.

See how Marcus and the Beasts do against all comers in 4 short but sweet(corn) battle reports followed by Steampunk Hannibal in the analysis chair...
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