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6 May 2020

Lockdown Podcast VII now out

The 7th Lockdown Podcast (and 3oth all-time Madaxeman Podcast) has now been published on Podbean and iTunes, and is already picking up a steady stream of listeners and regular subscribers on both platforms. It's ideal bank holiday listening for your weekend painting or legally permitted outdoor exercise session. 

This week the team discuss their latest painting haul, chat at some length about airbrushing, take an in-depth look at the Lydian army in ADLG and endure another week of Andy's Quiz Music wrapped around the far more acceptable Andy's Quiz.

Watch out later this week for a special one-off edition covering Paintbrushes !



12 Mar 2016

L'Art de la Guerre Index Page now set up

With an ever-increasing amount of L'Art de la Guerre content now appearing on this and other sites, I've set up an ADLG Index page on to pull together all of the L'Art de la Guerre content into one place.

This page has all of the links to battle reports, ADLG resources across the web, places where you can buy the rules and also links to the ADLG Wiki which is slowly growing on this site as well.

Internationally these rules are now well embedded in the competition community across France, Belgium, Spain The USA and have a growing following in the UK and Italy, with some dabbling elsewhere such as Australia and Greece. As of today it's therefore entirely possible that ADLG is the most widely played Ancients competition ruleset in the world right now, with (as of 12/3/16) 276 players in the International Rankings as having played this year, plus another 70-odd who have played at events in the UK

The link for this page now forms part of the main site menu in the site header too.


3 Nov 2008

4 Match Reports from Roll Call

All 4 battles now uploaded to the website. Photos, writeups, lists and the return of Hannibal's award-winning Post Match Analysis - Click Here.
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