3 Nov 2007

Game 3

ends up as a close 6-4 win against Chris Smiths Pechenegs.

A terrain free table is swept across by my spear wall, but some terrible dice in bounds 2-5 and some dogged defending by the Pecheneg light horse and wagons means I only get one command and am about 2 moves short of being able to flee another command off table.

I am now languishing with 2 points out of 9. You may be wondering who's in the lead - well, I dont really know, and as we all sit in different rooms in the rabbit-warren like building to play frankly the leaders may as well be on another planet

Here are my spearmen trying to shove some light horse off a gentle hill

A couple of chariots beat themselves senseless against a wall of wooden wagons

Pecheneg is a large army. But you can fit it all in a fairly small space if you try


Right, now its time for a night on the lash!

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