23 Apr 2017

L'Art de la Guerre Renaissance...

ADLG Renaissance is in development... and even with having not actually played it or laid eyes on a copy, I do know that it will probably involve "double units" for Pike & Shot.

The idea of rebasing is a frightening one, but amazingly, on examination of my Renaissance collection, I have spotted that I have at least a couple more bases of ECW/TYW Pike & Shotte than I actually need for any conceivable FoGR army I might wish to use in future... who'd a thunk it?!

So, knowing I have plenty of spares, I decided to test-base some Pike & Shot, using "second line" figures who won't honestly get an outing anyway just to see what they might look like.

It's an "Impetus-style" basing methodology !

Not sure that having 3 ranks of each is entirely right, but as a first experiment its a pretty decent look I think.


Unknown said...

Just getting into LADLG Ancients. Not really having to rebase was great. However, hoping Renaissance won't need re basing, it would put me back years!!!!

Phil said...

A nice looking unit for a nice period to play!

the.urban.bunny said...


My powers of suggestion worked!

Now to get a game in.

Madaxeman said...

Joe - glad you've joined the SELWG AD:LG mob!

ADLG R is quite some way of being finalised just yet, so no need to panic! This might not even be the final basing scheme, but as I had some spare figures ...

Unknown said...

Probably look better just using 2 ranks for the mid-TYW onwards IMO.

Bit surprised the rules aren't done yet though as I saw a version 2 or 3 years ago that looked playable.

Madaxeman said...

Looking at these I was also thinking that 2 ranks and a bit more space may be good. These are tiny figures though hence trying to squeeze more on for this first pass.

I'll try that next

mellis1644 said...

I am not rebasing all my collection. That's just too painful. Hopefully some compromise for us long time players will be allowed. But I guess it would be an excuse to buy and paint more figs...

Madaxeman said...

There would certainly be a work-around - 2 shot and 2 pike bases next to each other would also count as a DBE (4BE in old money?)Pike & Shot from what I understand

pikeman666 said...

I'm not rebasing my figures! And three ranks of shot is one too many for later TYW and ECW.
I'd like see the number of single bases as a variable.

Sean Walker said...

I think a compromise is to have the Pike on a 40x20 with 2 bases one behind the other and then 'rebase, some shot on 20*40 added to each end. The cavalry I assume will still be on the 40X 30 bases so no rebasing
This means that with an army of say 8 P&S units you will have to rebase 8 shoot figures a unit. (or buy 64 new figures ). Not that much of a big deal to potentially get a great game that will breathe life into renaissance gaming.

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