3 May 2009

Loads of photos

Just added some US Paratroops with Mohicans from Pendraken to the 10mm Directory - first new 10mm WW2 in ages!

The Ancients directory has also seen some additions, and now has close to having 2000 photos. Latest additions include two brand new elephants just released by Donnington including an armoured Seleucid elephant HEL03 and a re-sculpted Sassanid elephant SDEL01. I've also added some more infantry (painted) from their New Era range of medievals

They've also sent me some photos of
Baggage horses due for release later this month. There are two basic horses, one with a frame and basic baggage bundle over the saddle and the other with a pair of large wicker panniers over the saddle. Each horse comes with a set of equipment/stowage to enable gamers to build the horse to whatever configuration is required. There are different tops for the pannier baskets which can be stuck on to represent different stowage, and all sorts of other bits and pieces such as kit/blanket rolls, bunches of salamis (yes sausages!), wine skins, tools (spade, pick and mattock), panniers full of bread, spears, shields, amphorae and cheese, lances, pole arms, medieval shields, small barrels, jugs and flagons.

The pictures also show the two different figures to lead the horses, one in medieval dress and the other is more generic being dressed in a tunic, trousers and cap.

If you are a manufacturer and woud llike to send me photos of your new stuff so I can mention it, please drop me a line !

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