24 Apr 2024

The Plastic Crack Podcast

 I was kindly invited onto the Plastic Crack Podcast on Monday night as a guest, and had a great time chatting nonsense about all things wargaming-related to the guys.

During the chat quite a few "Madaxeman" and also "Britcon" things came up, so I thought it might be handy to try and pull together some links here so that anyone who hears or sees the podcast and then stumbles across this site will not have to rummage around in the metaphorical bits-box that is Madaxeman.com's menu structure to see what on earth I was taking about!

In no particular order therefore:

  • 28mm Successor Phalanx, a painting and building guide
  • A recent battle report, featuring the army of Spartacus, plenty of speech-bubble soldiery, and with commentary from Hannibal as well at the end of each report
  • A mercifully short "highlights package" from the Madaxeman Podcast in which we run through an episode of "I'm Sorry I think You're An Arse" while discussing whether GW paint names have just gone too damned far.
  • Who Played What, the 2023 review of the UK Ancients competition circuit
  • A link to the Madaxeman YouTube Channel 
  • Evidence that I do base AFVs in 10mm and below, (in what was also perhaps my last ever Arrowhead order..)
  • Rigging Hell! , the Windy Ships starter set and a lot of black cotton
  • Victrix Galatians, with waterslide transfers from Battle Flag

  • The BHGS/Britcon stuff is also here:


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