16 May 2009

Rebel Mini's Roman - Pics & Review

These chaps are now painted and in the Ancients Photo Gallery. As a preview, here are some of the pictures.
Imperial Roman Legionary Imperial Roman Legionary Imperial Roman Legionary

Overall they are nice looking little figures, although it does need you to stick on their (separate) shields at a variety of jaunty angles to give them any real attempt at animation. The shields all come with well thought out "plugs" on the back, into which each figure's left hand fits snugly, allowing you a very decent chance of glueing the shields on in a secure manner - although I always try and glue separate shields to a 2nd anchor point elsewhere on the figure just to be on the safe side. Castings are clean, and the blokes themselves are normally-proportioned, not cartoonish - which makes them appear quite slight compared to some of the chunkier ranges out there. Size-wise they look to be a mite smaller than Old Glory, and almost exactly bang on the same as Corvus Belli's Romans.

Overall however its still a limited range of figures, only 2 varieties in each pack, and expensive compared to many other ranges means this feels to me like a range that might not quite make the cut despite being pretty good.

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