29 Jan 2018

Who's playing what - Part II

Thanks to Denis Grey, I now have comprehensive stats for player numbers in the UK DBA circuit to add to those for other rulesets.

Looking at attendance across the 15 or so annual tournaments in the UK, participation in DBA has been steadily rising over the past 3 years and looks set to carry on that upward trend into 2018 (if numbers at the first 2 events of the year are anything to go by).

Numbers of players have been:

  • 2016:  48 players
  • 2017:  56 players
  • 2018:  64 players 
86 people in total have played at least one DBA event in the last 3 years. 

Adding these more accurate numbers into the mix gives the following popularity table for numbers of people entering at least one UK ancients competitions during 2017.

  1. L'Art de la Guerre : 163
  2. FoG AM : 89  
  3. DBMM : 84
  4. DBA : 64
  5. MeG : 52
  6. DBM : 40
  7. Swordpoint : around 40
One interesting thing to consider from these numbers is the popularity of "DBx"-based, "one base = one unit" format games - almost exactly 2/3 of all UK competition ancients players are playing systems in which one stand = a unit. Barkers legacy is still going strong! 

I'm sure there must be some 6th and 7th edition numbers out there too, and maybe also Armati or War & Conquest ?



Sun of York said...

No mention of Impetus? It also has one base represents one unit.

Madaxeman said...

Yep, thats true - however the pool of UK players is pretty small (20-odd), and they only run 2-3 events a year so it's not really at a scale to make much of a difference to the stats.

Chris said...

Recently saw that the 4th To The Strongest! Worlds Competition has been scheduled for end of February. So I will add To The Strongest! to the very short list containing Impetus.

Thomas Julesjouy said...

very interesting, thanks a lot!
your blog is the best for historical mins!!!
a wonderfull resource of information. i don't play anymore ADLG (i 'm french) and don't understand the interest still for old style game system like ADLG DBA DBM event Mortem & Gloriam.... there is so many more "accurate" game system now!!!
also i understant that those old game system are made for tournement instead of the new one made for friendly encourter

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