4 Jun 2007

Stockholm 'Nordic Championships' 8-10th June

Here is an updated list for the coming weekend....
1. Jesper Ohlsson Later Carthaginian II/32
2. Niilo Kalakoski Pictish II/68
3. Hannu Uusitalo Fanatic Berber III/74
4. Kimmo Ylinen
5. Mika Mäkelä Early Samurai III/54
6. Tero Särkijärvi Minoan I/18
7. Arne Björk Order of St. John IV/56
8. Ulf Olsson Abbasid Arab III/37
9. Chris Smith Medieval O'irish IV/58
10 .Me!  Norse Viking III/40
11. Brian Holmes Mithridatic II/48
12. Ludvig Uhlbors Iazyges II/26 ( I know...)
13. Greg Mann Papal Italian 1283 AD III/72
14. Sebastian Routh
15. Andy Routh
The mystery armies are still in there. Not sure what Routhish will have in
it !

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