6 Feb 2008

Field of Glory Wargames Rules Selling well

Sales of Field of Glory rules are going really well via my Amazon affiliate websites, with over 50 copies sold in the UK, and about a dozen in the US.

Thats only for the rules themselves, so the army lists are selling nearly as well, even those which are only on pre release so far

The UK website has been expanded to be a comprehensive bookshop for all ancient armies, and the US one may be expanded too, basically if enough sales come from the UK to make it worth my while doing the legwork!

The UK site is at http://www.madaxeman.com/FoGshop.htm

The US one is at http://www.madaxeman.com/general/us_store.htm

I've tried a French one, but no sales so far :-( http://www.madaxeman.com/FR_shop.htm

Must be a good sign for the prospects for the rules eh ?

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