15 Jan 2011

Warfare Reports now posted

4 reports now posted from Warfare 2010 Classical period. See the Marginally More Morally Bankrupt Dominate Romans in action against two lots of EAP, some Huns and some Bosporans.

Added snippets of embedded commentary from Garibaldi and Napoleon throughout the reports


The Angry Lurker said...

Ok I will.lol

Andy McMaster said...

Excellent and entertaining reports as ever! Always good to see. I'm in a bit of a dilemma over FoG v DBMM at the moment and although I've enjoyed the few games of FoG I've had but I still don't think they 'look' like and ancient battle? Looking at some of your pics there are units going in all directions and it just doesn't 'look' right to me. Maybe it's a scale thing? And FoG is really modeling smaller more fluid actions?
Anyway, thanks for the reports. Excellent stuff!

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