29 Jun 2012

Inking 1/300th scale models..

I'm in the middle of doing a highly complex trade in which I've agreed to tart up some 1/300th scale USMC for someone, in exchange for a whole set of 1/300th West German tanks (that of course I don't really need).

This gives me a chance to show some "before" and "after" photos which I reckon are quite interesting..

This is an AAV7 which has been based and sprayed in an overall sand colour. I've then "manually" painted the tracks - fairly roughly - in a dark grey.

I used the same dark grey which I picked for the wheels of the Humvee's in this force, on the basis that painting "black" tyres creates a visual effect that is a lot less forgiving should you be unable to paint perfect circles (like, erm, everyone), or where the models castings are a bit indistinct. By painting them in grey any wobbly-hand syndrome mistakes seem to disappear as if by magic at the next stage.... which is:

..the now traditional Army Painter Quickshade Dark Tone wash. Quite a difference eh? But still not really table-top ready. 

How about doing some detailing, then drybrushing with GW Bleached Bone and adding some sand for basing next ? 

OK, this is a slightly different model, but after a coat of Testors Dullcote varnish I think this is not at all shabby for a 4-stage process.

Here are some infantry (from Magister Militum) done the same way. 

And here they are together..

Right, time to get back to the painting table... ! 


Phil said...

Nice looking units!

Unknown said...

A swap with modern Germans? Cool, now, we only miss some Us troops to get a full cold war campaign ;)

Madaxeman said...

Yep - I just knocked up a quick list of what I have finished so far (the pre-1980 stuff really) and it came to 5,000 points.

I guess we can have the whole war at that rate ... !

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