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12 Jan 2014

The Heroics & Ros Rapier Unit - assembled

Having needed a Rapier battery for some time to round out my Modern British force for Cold War Commander, I finally got round to buying a Heroics & Ros Rapier unit at Warfare 2013. This had sat in my to-do pile for some time as I puzzled how to put it together....

... and so eventually I asked for help from the nice people on the BKC Forum. Clearly several other people have been through the same thought process, and so I posted some instructions on this site to help explain how to put it together. Here is the outcome:

21 Dec 2012

NATO armour in 1/300th scale

Just to prove that I've not been doing Xmassy things relentlessly for the last few weeks to the exclusion of painting and gaming, here are some pictures of NATO 1/300th scale armour that I've been working on earlier this year and only just gotten round to photographing.

The Brits !

Leopard II command unit

Retro-style M60 

7 Oct 2012

More 1/300th Modern stuff

This time it's Taliban infantry and softskins (including some scarily good GHQ "Technical" models) and a Syrian army as well - all refurbished using some ArmyPainter tinted varnish from an original base colour of a spray coating of dark sand.

18 Feb 2012

1/144 Scale bombers for BKC anyone ?

I've added a new page which has constantly updated eBay listings from the Altaya range of 1/144 scale planes, which seems to have grown rapidly recently, and come down in price - both of which are good things for 12mm and 10mm WW2 wargamers wanting bombers for BKC. There are some obscure planes - for example, the early war French Marcel Bloch MB 210 and the Liore et Olivier LeO 451 - as well as some mad Italian stuff and the like. You could even get a Lancaster or a Wellington and use it as a downed plane as a bit of scenery I guess?

8 Aug 2010

The Madaxeman Podcast

The Madaxeman Podcast
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