16 Feb 2013

Britcon 2013

Full details are now on the BHGS Website for Britcon 2013, and for those of you who want to to just go ahead and book your place you can do here:

Eventbrite - Britcon 2013 - 9-11 August, UMIST, Manchester

I'm on the organising team and we've listened to feedback from last year's survey where many players told us how unwelcome Britcon's two late night games can sometimes be, and so for 2013 there will be an option to drop Friday or Saturday night's game and just play 5 games in the larger gaming periods. This also means that each of the "traditional" 6-game main periods will now be decided by counting player's best 5 scores over the weekend.

What Else To Look Out For in 2013?

  • New Periods - including a 10+ game "Epic Saga" competition for the runaway success that is the Saga ruleset, as well as the debut's of two further 28mm rulesets, "War and Conquest" (supported by the author, Rob Broom) and WW2 skirmish game "Bolt Action" (supported by Warlord Games - TBC)
  • Prices Frozen - we know there is a recession out there, so through careful negotiation with the venue there will be no increase in entry fees in 2013.
  • Accommodation still optional - we've also negotiated some great rates at UMIST for a variety of standards of rooms, starting as low as £33.50 for Bed and Breakfast - all still in stumbling distance of the venue and bar as usual.

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