27 Apr 2013

The Pirate Ship is now finished...

The Old Glory 8 Gun Barque is now finished... completing the Pirate army

I must admit to being quite pleased with it. Admittedly the rigging is a bit, well, jerry-rigged, but it does allow me to take the masts down for transport and storage - and it allows you to see the deck and crew very well too.

Lots more photos on my Facebook page


TamsinP said...

Great work there. How big is the barque, and what are the sails made of?

Madaxeman said...

Its almost exactly a foot long, and the sails I've made out of an old hankerchief soaked in thinned down brown ink, stiffened with diluted white glue.

TamsinP said...

The barque is a foot long? Oh heck, I've just ordered the man o' war!

Old hankie eh? Hope you washed it first! :)

Madaxeman said...

You're going to need a lot of crew! It comes with cannon, but if you need more I think in have some spares left

TamsinP said...

Yup, a lot of crew required. I should have enough guns thanks - I've ordered a lot more than I need for the FoG:R army.

Did you get my email about other pirate ranges?

Madaxeman said...

Nope... But the ranges are probably on the fogR wiki

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