1 Oct 2013

Central London Wargames Club is running London's first Epic Minigeddon tournament!

A one-day tournament running on November 3rd:

Minigeddon is a fun and fast-paced supplement for GW's Epic Armageddon and great for newcomers and seasoned players alike, For more information and the official Epic UK sanctioned rule set please visit the Epic Armageddon London website. 

The tournament consists of 4 rounds of swiss-format, using 1000 points armies. Entry fee is £10 which helps the club to pay for the venue and terrain. There will be trophies for the top 3 players, best painted army and also the infamous wooden spoon. Lists can be chosen freely from the latest NetEA Tournament Pack 2013-08-07, EpicUK lists overrule where applicable though.

W've set up free pre-registration through Eventbrite. The event is limited to 20 players max, so secure your spot soon! More details about the event at the Eventbrite page or if you have any questions please write to Florian Hess

We're looking forward seeing you at the table! 

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