25 Aug 2014

Basing Saga Arabs for Cross & Crescent

I've posted a video showing how I used wood stain and builders sand to create a pretty decent looking basing system for my Saga figures - its online now and can be seen on Youtube or also on the blogger part of my site.

The video also has some photos of the new Saga Gripping Beast plastic Arabs, along with some North Star Berbers mixed in, which you can see here too.


Phil said...

Excellent work, a great looking set of minis!

Paul W said...

Nice work, a very colourful bunch :-)

Madaxeman said...

yep, really pleased with the way they came out - however I'm sure the curse of the "same shields as the enemy" Little Big Men Studios shield transfers will afflict them in battle !

Hoping to use them for the first time on Monday..

The Kiwi said...

Really nice. Top work.

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