6 Feb 2015

Mei the force be with you - Malifaux Battle Report

In the 2nd ever Malifaux report on this site, Evil Steampunk-magic-using Marxist Drug-runner Mei Feng takes on a man on a horse and his big fat Edward Scissorhands best friend in a strange urban cowboy landscape as two players struggle again to get to grips with what the hell they are up to ..

There is kung-fu, there are dogs and eagles, there is a Sikh with a machine gun and there is a lawyer (sending guns and money..?).

Who knows what it all means - but as long as everything gets set on fire, it will surely all be good in the end!

1 comment:

Hector Barca said...

Hi, I've been reading your battle reports for a while, they're lots of fun.

I just write to tell you the executioner cannot get reactivate, the spell can only be cast on minions, and he is an enforcer if I am not mistaken.

Being both of you new to this game it is quite normal that you make this kind of mistakes. I've been playing it for years now and I still do.

Keep playing and have fun


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