7 Jun 2015

Totentanz Miniatures - 15mm Renaissance comparison shots

I've just finished painting up 2 units of TYW miniatures, from Spanish manufacturer Totentanz.

Aside from the now-obligatory use of flowers on the bases, I actually think that they have come out pretty well - more a reflection of the figures rather than my painting!

As this is a new manufacturer I have also posted a load of comparison photos so you can compare height and stature against around a dozen different manufacturers.

(Testudo by Khurasan vs Totentanz)


Kadrinazi said...

Regarding comparison that you've posted. Miniatures described as: 'Fire & Sword System (Wargamer.pl) polish foot' are in fact from anothery Polish company, called QR miniatures and are not part of 'By Fire and Sword' range by Wargamer.pl

Madaxeman said...

Oops - you are right! I will change it!

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