16 Feb 2016

Naismith & Roundway under new ownership

It appears that one of the classic "true 15mm" manufacturers is now under new ownership, with Naismith / Roundway being bought from Navwar and now running independently - and with a proper web ordering facility too!

Whilst I'll no doubt miss the sporadic trip to a particularly unlikely and grimy part of NE London every few years, its good to see these extensive ranges back in full 21st Century distribution.

I've updated the Renaissance, Ancients and Napoleonic listings accordingly.

1 comment:

Drew Jarman said...

His website is a work in progress but the facility to order online outweighs the ease of my visiting Navwar. He knows about the distance selling regs bit now too but as all new startups find theres lots about the law and retail to learn. Should be good to finally be able to see the castings in all their glory one day too. I am currently working on 1491 AD Hungarians and have used these ranges for all the Hungarian regular infantry. Blog will follow once they are finished.

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