11 Jun 2017

15mm Indian allied contingent for ADLG

Having flirted with the idea of actually using my Classical Era Greek Successor States armies on many occasions, and now discovering that the Indians (in their Kushan incarnation) also work well with the Sassanids I decided to refurbish a Classical Indian allied contingent.

These are troops who had been languishing in a drawer for many years, so they were delighted to be brought out into the light and converted into L'Art de la Guerre DBE double based elements to make up an allied contingent with essentially all of the useful options.

You can see the finished collection here


Telamon said...


I'm trying to sell a lot of 15mm figurines. The armies are destined for the Field of Glory, some painted things.


I like your blog. I looked here often in the old days. He was inspirational when I started collecting FoG. Unfortunately in my country the system has long died.



Madaxeman said...

Other systems are available....!

Telamon said...

In my country 15mm games are dead. :P

Madaxeman said...

28mm does look good though !

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