22 May 2018


I bought a Mycenean (and Assyrian) army earlier this year in the Museum Miniatures sale (25% off every January!), and after spraying most of them in a flesh-coloured undercoat I finally got round to doing a couple of test bases to see how the planned colour scheme works out. 

With flesh undercoat they are very quick to paint - so they could all be on the table very soon.

I'm a big fan of Museum for the Biblical period, as the slightly over-stylized look and limited number of poses seems to work really well in this theme.


Phil said...

Inspired job, what a beautiful unit, love these shields!

Mad Lemmey said...

Looking fab!

BigLee said...

Brilliant. Those shields are excellent.

Dannoc said...

Great work. The shields are very popular.

Charles Feduke said...

I bought the same thing during the MM sale. I didn't think about priming them flesh color but that will save a bunch of time. I picked up the Black Hat Miniatures Trojan Horse to use as a camp... just because.

Madaxeman said...

Trojan Horse...? Aaaargh let me at it!

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