10 Jun 2018

The Myceneans are done..

Only 6 months after buying them in the Museum Miniatures January sale (for only around £50) a full L'Art de la Guerre army of Myceneans (including units I will probably never use) is now finished and on the tabletop already!

There are plenty of pictures and also a video (of the pictures) on Madaxeman.com right now

This lot fits on an A4 sized piece of paper - not bad for a full army !


Phil said...

Done, and well done...beautiful Myceneans, shields are very impressive!

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Those shields...all the hand-painted cow hide....wonderful! They really set off the unit. Striking.

Madaxeman said...

It’s the dots that make them work - leave them off and it just looks weird. I’m not sure why. But trust me it makes a world of difference

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