2 Oct 2020

Arab WiP - starting to get the first few done

 As well as experimenting with contrast paints on infantry and horses I have gotten a few bases close to completion already - I find finishing some of them early helps motivate me to do the rest production-line-style, as it gives me an idea of what I'm looking to achieve:

The first lot are a couple of sprues of Perry Sudanese infantry, here representing the ADLG "Impetuous Swordsmen" Tribal or Indian troops that many Arab armies have as a cutting edge to their infantry attack.

They are sprayed with Army Painter Leather, then the flesh has been inkwashed twice with ArmyPainter Dark Tone. The clothes are a base of white with diluted Softtone, GW Contrast Skeleton Horse or Nazdreg Yellow.

The Sudanese haircuts are a lttle distinctive on these, so I tried to use as many bald heads as I could from the sprues instead.

From the back you can see a couple of colourful "belts"to give them a smidge more colour. 

This is a finished Commander base - the horse is pale grey with a white wet-brushed coat on top, the armour is drybrushed ArmyPainter Gunmetal over black, and all of the cloth has been done with Contrast Paints.

The Talassar Blue on the cloak is a fantastic colour. 

The shield was cast-on this metal figure so I sadly couldn't use transfer and had to improvise this half-hearted peacock style thing

He's now ready for sand to be added to his base.



Ray Rousell said...

Nice work. Really like that shade of blue.

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