4 Nov 2020

The Black (Templar) Abbasid Guard

In my ongoing series of experiments with Contrast paints, I've just about finished these two units of Abbasid Black Guard spearment using Black Templar as the main colour for their cloaks. They are yet to be matt varnished (as its been too chilly outside to spray) so they are a smidge shiny, but are pretty much done.

The figures are mostly Artizan Designs Black Guard from their Moorish range - a fairly small range but fantastically cast with deep, bold details for taking this sort of paint. 

The Artizan figures come in packs of 4, so there are also a couple of Gripping Beast-based plastic arab infantry padding out the rear ranks on each base. 

At 6 figures, each 60mm x 40mm base is a little light on figures for "Spearmen" in ADLG, but these are big solid guys so they more than fill the available footprint with a very solid looking line of men and shields. 

These are just painted with Black Templar on a flat white base coat. No additional shading at all. 

The padded armour is Vallejo Beige Brown with an ink wash of Armypainter Strong Tone 

The Templar Black has something of a green verdigris tone to it - the best way I can describe it is that it seems to be the perfect colour to paint Ring Wraiths from LoTR in!

This sword is I suspect one from the GB Late Roman infantry set

I also had a couple of commander figure - either Perry or perhaps Footsore - who I had intended to squeeze onto each base but in the end they didn't fit and were also too static in their poses to go with the footsoldiers so I have created a stand alone Generals base for them instead

The chap in the middle of the back row unfortunately shows where I didn't do enough to fill the joins in the arms of the GB plastic figures., 

A great colour indeed. 

(The links to the paints are "affiliate links". If you buy something after clicking on them I get a small kickback from Amazon)

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Phil said...

Superb paint job!

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