25 Nov 2021

Dismounted Companions - or Hypaspists? Figures too nice not to use..

A rather lightweight painting session to share this time, as a set of the rather lovely Xyston Theban Generals and Leaders pack finally makes it onto the internet, based up here as some close formation infantry for various non-Theban armies.

These figures are really animated nicely, and having swapped them with Dave from The Podcast some time ago I'd been trying to work out what to do with them as I was reluctant to lose them in a wall of hoplites.  Eventually I settled on basing them as close formation infantry to act both as dismounted Companions, or as Alexanders Hypaspists (both in their Heavy Spearmen incarnation in ADLG).

This did also allow me to justify using a couple of Xyston mounted officer figures I had kicking around too, and, more importantly, to have yet another go at a multi-layer, grey base + white top layer "triad" type paint scheme to see if I could make white look, well, "interesting".   

And here they are, replete in their white cloaks and petruges.

I've yet to matt varnish the shields, which are gloss to take the VVV waterslide transfers, as it's been too cold to spray outside and anyway spraying 2 bases is a bit of a waste!

Here's the back view that shows the white layering. It's sort of there, but a bit less distinct than I had hoped. Somehow the lighter layers seem to blend into the base layers when I paint them, as if the darker paint bleeds into the lighter ones as I apply them - maybe I need to matt varnish between coats?

Anyway, they do look like boss-level dudes, so I'm happy with them!

1 comment:

Drew Jarman said...

Very nicely done. I am a firm believer of the light grey base with white highlights when painting white though my grey is very light compared to yours.

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