13 Dec 2021

Podcasting Live from The Winchester !

OMG! I've just found out that some people do actually leave reviews on Apple Podcasts and other platforms for the Madaxeman Podcast!  

I'd always suspected this might be the case, but had never looked them up or stumbled across them before until a new stats package came along :-) 

And, as well as the, well, just quite "nice" comments, there are some absolute solid gold belters in there too - here's just a few of them.   

(extra points for the Shaun of the Dead / Minder reference here!)

Thanks again to everyone who's left a comment or clicked for a review - wherever it's been left. We all really appreciate the feedback, whatever it is 

You can listen to the Madaxeman Podcast on Podbean or by searching for it on pretty much any podcast platform 


Mad Max said...

Hi Tim !
Now i really have to listen to these podcasts.
But the most important point is : what French punk music is it ?

Madaxeman said...

Questions, questions,,,,,!

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