25 Jan 2022

Hungary for Warfare ?

 Yes, that deeply punnish headline does indeed herald the release of another fistful of competition battle reports, this time from the massive Warfare ADLG event at the end of last year. 

The five reports feature a newly-minted, lockdown-painted 15mm Essex Hungarian Army in action for the first time in a real competition, taking on a range of opponents from across the entire Eurasian landmass (and associated small offshore islands) in Feudal-themed battle.

There are also Goulash recipe videos, a spot of ATOMICS! when the Hungarians hit the desert of Tuaregistan, more flags than you can wave, erm, a flag at and a whole host of inappropriately captioned pictures of 15mm figures in action on the tabletop

So, stop fiddling with your Rubik's Cube, put down your Biro and shake the paprika out of your hair (eh ?) and settle back gently into 5 packed pages of Hungarian Warfare in these first Madaxeman.com battle reports to hit the internet airwaves in 2022.

Oh, and along with the usual ascerbic analysis from Hannibal, there's even a bit of Star Trek meme-ery too. Because that is of course the obvious thing to do when looking at the Hungarian army of the late Feudal period. 

Go on... beam yourself up to the Hungarian's debut competition!


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