25 Jul 2022

A Little Fort

At the recent ADLG Worlds in Rome I picked up a little fort from Rafa's stall, to use as a fortified baggage camp for some of my ADLG armies.

I should have had one of these already, as they are made by a guy in Alicante, and were given to all competitors at the event I attended there in January, but somehow I lost mine on the way home and so, given the opportunity, decided that I just had to actually buy one instead!

It is a resin print that fits (just about...) on a standard 80mm x 40mm camp base, so is probably scaled more to 10mm - or perhaps even a smidge smaller - rather than 15mm. 

It is an incredibly simple paint job - I undercoated mine in black, then did successive layers of increasingly "dry" dry-brushed, ever-lighter browns on it. 

I started with Army Painter Oak, then Vallejo Beige Brown (which I use instead of Army Painter Leather if I run out of the Leather), then a bit of Vallejo Ochre Brown for more warmth.

The inside floor was - as usual for my current basing style - builders sand glued in with PVA, stained to a more dark and even colour with Rustins Dark Oak, then drybrushed with Skeleton Bone and then a pale grey

Highlights (especially the pointy bits / tops of the cut trees of the fence) were also the traditional Army Painter Skeleton Bone.

I then finished the whole thing with a very light highlight of Coat d'Arms Horse Tone Grey - my lightest grey paint. 

It now only needs me to start taking well-orgainsed armies with fortified camps to competitions !


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