18 Jan 2023

Homeric Poetry in Linear Motion - Warfare 2022

 After freezing our nads off at the Ascot racecourse last year, the 2022 edition of Warfare turned up the heating significantly with a trip to the desert in a Biblical-themed competition at the all-new Farnborough venue. 

That meant the Linear B tactics of an improved and enhanced Mycenean army got to have a run out in five games of L'Art de la Guerre, all laced with dreadful poetry, terribly inappropriate speech-bubble captions, almost no tactics and even a smattering of your best quality American Ska-Punk in a series of reports punningly now known as Homer's The Silly-iad.

There was a young man called Achilles,
Anyone that he fought got the willies,
He had a big horse,
(It was wooden, of course!),
And a penchant for terrible ditties!
(Homer, The Silly-iad)

Read on to experience the full poetic horror of these 5 match reports!

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