14 Apr 2023

The Normandy Landings : Battle Reports and More from France

Yes, two sets of battle reports in a single week as the CLWC team take another international excursion, this time to storm the beaches of Normandy and visit Bayeux, Le Havre, several seaside gun positions, Pegasus Bridge, Rouen and Dieppe whilst also finding time to fit in a bit of Norman-themed ADLG competition action too!

We also manage to undertake numerous bouts of eating, drinking, discussing former Fulham players of the last decade, and indulge in many other regionally appropriate activities as well, all of which are recorded in loving gallic detail in these 5 battle and 2 tourism reports.

To top it all off there is even a rare in-the-field podcast episode in which a team of 3 (me, Dave from the Podcast and Mike) record our progress throughout the long weekend in glorious Normadie!

Sound quality is a little sketchy in some parts of the podcast, mainly on account of the fact a number of the individual segments were recorded on my phone in (or outside) various bars and restaurants in the Normandy heartland.

The battle reports and tourism photos from this trip can all be found on the Madaxeman website and there is also a YouTube video version of this podcast which also includes all of the photos too. 

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Venta Silurum said...

how can you accidentally place in a competition..... :-)

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