22 Sept 2023

RAF Cosford Museum: The Photos

The drive from London up to Irvine for the recent ADLG event was way too long to attempt in a singel day, so Dave from the Podcast and I headed out on Thursday evening after work, stopping just north of Birmingham (in Ironbridge) overnight to break up the journey.

Ironbridge is also - rather conveniently - very close indeed to RAF Cosford, the Midlands branch of the RAF Museum, and a place I'd long had on my to-visit military museums list.

So, after a hearty breakfast it was time to hit the halls for some aircraft (and Cold War AFV) action, the full results of which are now all online in the RAF Cosford section of my Museums Gallery pages. 

Here's a brief taster of some of the highlights:

The near legendary TSR-2, the great "what if" of British post war military aviation 

This Ju88 "defected" to England during WW2

The museum is the only one in the world with all 3 V-bombers on display

Yes, there are some tanks too...

Best way to display a Lightning - going straight up!

If you thought your wargames cupboard was disorganised....

This is actually an Airfix plastic kit in 1:1 scale from the BBC Richard May series!

 The museum website can be found here

1 comment:

Drew Jarman said...

Thanks for posting this. Ive never managed a visit here either. I went to the IWM North & was very disappointed.

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